St. Anthony of Shipwrecks

by Friends of Mine

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released March 7, 2012

Geoff Himsel: vocals, drums, guitar, harmonica
Andrew Eckel: guitar, drums, vocals, organ
Matt Eisenberg: bass, vocals

Percussion/handclaps by Emily Lewis, John O'Rourke and Friends of Mine

Recorded at Studio 101A in Amherst, NH on July 27-28, 2011
Engineered by Tom Holmes
Mixed and mastered by Friends of Mine and Tom Holmes



all rights reserved


Friends of Mine New Hampshire

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Track Name: George McClellan Blues
Climbing the stairway I knock on the door
of the bedroom, crossing my legs on the floor.
I admit that I'm sleeping but the winter goes on
and my engine won't start and my lights won't turn on.

Glory Hallelujah for the cavalry's here
and it won't be too long before Richmond falls.
And before I return I will shave my beard
and I'll pin your picture to my bandolier.

Yesterday I found a bullet in my bedroom
they say it's a reflection of the waning of the moon.

Lexington roars at the height of surrender.
Let's get back in the car and go back to New Hampshire.
I can't forget the way that you blush with beauty
and cling to the silence at the end of the movie.
Track Name: Warmth Without Weight
September goes and I wouldn't have believed
that you would love anybody else but me.
I'm not asking for your sympathy
I'm just hoping that you'll remember not to be
so crippled by your superstition
or saturated by somebody else's ambition.
Watch out for deadbeat lead feet
and anyone admitting that they're feeling weak.
I'll keep in touch but don't expect too much.
Darling, don't you think this is a little rough?

And hey, the hurling whirling unfurling carnival's in town.
You gotta hop in my mother's car machine and you and I can go on down.
I'm talking orange cream laser beam black skinny jeans with the neon seams
pathetic mustache hard cash and pretty soon we'll all be living…

I am not your lover, but I guess I'll have to do.
I'm not the kind of guy that spends his time with girls like you.
I'm knee-deep in these freaks, you can smoke outside if you do not speak
but if I catch your stare, you're a grizzly bear, I'll avoid you…
Track Name: Pop Song (Be My Girlfriend)
Ice cubes and TV tubes
and studies show that you've got the blues.
Racing horses, science courses
Three identical pairs of shoes.

Broken stairs and messy hair
and everybody knows you're self aware.
Midnight movies and friends in Juvie
and I'm starting to feel like the county fair.

Pair of legs on a pumpkin pie
prize watermelon and a marble rye.
All that makeup in your eyes
makes it look like you wanna cry.

Swimming pools and football rules
and tell me what you learned in school.
I think your'e pretty, I think you're pretty
do you think i'm cool?

I know I'm not the coolest guy
but will you be my girlfriend?

Oh she doesn't love you.
Hey why does it have to be that way?

Bet you feel you're pretty cool
swimming around at the end of the pool.
What if I told you I couldn't swim?
What would you think of your baby then?

Why can't you just leave me alone?
It's not like you call me on the telephone.
You're breaking my heart, you're breaking my bones.
Is this how the story goes?

Hey baby squid, just look what you did.
You made me feel like Captain Kidd.
You started a fire, you said you'd retire.
I'm hanging on a wire and I can't go higher.

I can't fight, it's the thrill of the night.
Everybody's saying it'll be alright.
Clean up your act, show a little tact
think abstract, remember the facts.
Track Name: Girls
You said you saw it on the TV
storm's coming this way.
I'll drop on by in the morning
I've got the time to spend the day.

We can soak up the weather
let it flush through the pits of our chest.
I'm your relative minor
you know I can catch you like the best of the rest.

Blanket yourself in prayer and knowledge of space.
Balance yourself with the heavenly product of grace.

We can lay by the water
let its sweet touch foster our silence.
I could lay you in flowers
let the tall portrait tamper with my sense.

Searching, lying, never finding
spinal column half unwinding.
People staring, no one caring
you have such a hard time bearing
tissues, issues, or is this you?
I can't explain how much I miss you

Father, mother never be see each other
I won't ever be your lover.
Track Name: Dear John Proctor
Oh frustration, you didn't ask for a thing
but your daffodils are dead by the end of the spring.
You fell in love with a girl just about your height
but you fell right back when you couldn't make it through the night.

You got a lot to learn about making time.
You got a lot to learn about leaving things behind.
You got a lot to learn about spending a couple dollars.
You're not getting any taller.

Your cigarette butts are scattered across the floor.
You'd toss them all out but you fear it's such a chore.
Your leaves are green, your dirt is brown
but you can't stand to be told that the world is round.

Your high school daydream, your grapes of wrath
have melted into another cheap dinner and a hundred dollars in cash.
You used to like baseball, you used to be a funny guy
and now every crack of the bat makes you wanna cry.
Track Name: Coffee House
You looked at me in a way suggesting
that you caught your brother walking on the water
saying "Don't take the name of the Lord in vain
but if you do, I pledge for you
to follow the investigation through
and forward I'll project you with my blessing."

Forever time is reaching slowly outward.
Forever I'm collapsing slowly inward.
I have seen you before of other things I am sure
and your perfume permeates the room
and it challenges the wisdom of the moon
and lays upon the land forever westward.

Time will turn me old and ugly.
The promises of spring will be behind me.
I will wear the ties of my bootstraps high
and the glimmering of the light
on the highway at night
will be the only lights I trust to guide me.